Chef knife made from 154-CM stainless steel.

Handle is blue dyed, stabilized maple burl.  

The overall length is 12”.

Blade length is 7.25”.

154-CM is a newer version of 440-C stainless.  The main difference is additional molybdenum, which results in hardness and edge retention that is typically better than traditional stainless alloys, and as such is a favored material for many high-end knives.

C 1.05%
Cr 14.00%
Mn 0.50%
Mo 4.00%
Si 0.30%

This steel has been vacuum heat-treated and cryogenically tempered and has a Rockwell hardness of 59.

Chefs favor this steel for its unique combination of superb edge retention and ease of sharpening.

Chef Knife